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 Our other areas of translation:

Financial translationArt and culture translation, Sustainable development translation

 Who are our translators?

They are all qualified professionals translating solely into their mother tongue and a limited number of specialist areas. Our profession consists of calling on the most qualified translator to deal with your request in the best timeframe.

They are initially selected in line with their qualifications (specific to translation: specialist institutes or universities), their experience and professionalism. They are then approved after a translation test. Subsequently, we perform a test order, which is proofed by one of our regular translators in the same language combination an area of expertise.

We work with two profiles of translators:

  • Those who graduated from a translation institute or university (generally a master’s programme). They often master two languages in addition to their mother tongue and their primary asset is the quality of their style and accuracy of their translation.
  • Those who are fluent in another language and area of expertise (usually thanks to their professional background). They are experts in their domain. Their primary asset is technical terminology.

Professional translation is above all men and women, translators and interpreters who are passionate about their work.
But also a specialist language: source language, target language, rate of reduction, translation memories, etc.
And computer tools: lexicons, glossaries, computer assisted translation tools.

However, despite increasingly advanced digital technologies, nothing can rival the complexity and sensitivity of the human brain.


Our languages for translation

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We are able to translate into over 30 different languages, although around ten or so are most frequently used. Concerning our prices, these vary according to the language and are generally calculated in line with the number of words and complexity of the original document (source).

traduction anglaistraduction espagnole traduction Allemandtraduction Italientraduction portugaistraduction néerlandaistraduction chinoistraduction arabetraduction russetraduction polonaistraduction grecquetraduction japonaistraduction hongroistraduction danoistraduction roumain

  • West (Europe): English – German – Dutch and Flemish – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil
  • East (Europe): Russian – Polish – Czech – Romanian – Bulgarian – Hungarian – Slovenian – Slovakian – Lithuanian – Estonian – Latvian – Albanian – Croat – Greek
  • North (Europe): Danish – Norwegian – Finnish – Swedish – Icelandic
  • Other international languages: Arabic – Chinese – Japanese – Vietnamese – Turkish