Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is fluid and dynamic It is ideal as part of a conference with a large number of participants In this context, the interpreter translates at the same time as the speaker, which requires a high level of concentration. For this reason, 2 interpreters, who relay every 30 minutes, are required for this type of assignment.

Audio equipment is also necessary to “ignore” the interpreters as much as possible and to allow them to work in the best possible conditions.

  • as part of a conference, it is necessary to install Sound-Proof Booths, with desks, headsets, microphones, and infra-red emitters for the recipients of the translation. This is what happens in large international meetings.
  • as part of a more informal meeting, interpreting packs or “gadgets” are sufficient. The equipment comprises headsets for participants and a microphone for the interpreter. The cost is then lower, but sound interference, linked to the fact that speakers are talking at the same time, is greater.


How can you prepare your interpreting assignment?


So as to be able to advise you and answer your request as quickly as possible we need the following information:

  • the language pair
  • dates
  • place
  • times
  • technical or commercial areas involved
  • nature of the event (meeting, visit, conference)
  • number of participants

To allow interpreters to best prepare their assignment under optimal conditions and to be as accurate as possible in the subjects, several days before the assignment, you can send us all documents or communication media concerning the event: agenda, technical notices, press articles, Power Point presentation.



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