Website translation agency

STiiL Traduction is also a website translation agency
Your website reflects the image of your company. Its translation cannot be approximate. All of our translators work into their mother tongue respecting the linguistic norms of each country. Your message will, therefore, have the same relevance as that of an English, German or Italian company.

Moreover, our thorough knowledge of the world of Graphic Arts allows us to support you throughout your project speaking the same language as your Communication Advisor and dialogue directly with this person if necessary.

We can, for instance, work directly in an export file sent by your webmaster. Consequently, this avoids undertaking fastidious and risky copy and pastes into a Word file.




Agence de traduction de site web

Website translation agency

Here are some examples of documents we regularly deal with

  • Website (Content/Images/Back Office)
  • Publicity campaign
  • Emailing campaign
  • List of ingredients on food packaging
  • Technical parameter files (photographic engraving, printing)
  • Specifications/Style guide
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Documents completed for printing

Guarantee of a quality translation

To guarantee an optimal level of quality, we combine several factors: choice of translator, working methodology and translation management tools (Translation Memory and Term Base)


Our latest website translations



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