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STiiL Traduction Lyon
10 rue Duquesne, 69006 Lyon
04 72 40 07 57

Are you looking for a specialised professional translator or interpreter?
Our Lyon-based translation agency will support and assist you in your project, in over 30 languages.

We primarily operate in the following fields:

Legal TranslationTechnical Translation, Marketing Translation, Website TranslationFinancial Translation 

All of our domains

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agence de traduction Lyon

All of our translators are qualified experts,
who operate in specialist fields and only work into their mother tongue.

  • Our role is to analyse and manage your project, and then confer it to the most specialised translators, at a suitable cost.
  • Our turnaround times: we will send you a free quote in less than 1 hour and deal with any urgent requests in under 12 hours.  Overall, we aim to best adapt our translation turnaround times to meet your needs.
  • Our prices are simple and competitive. Although primarily based on the language pairing required, we also take into account the level of difficulty. Our prices automatically indicate the number of words and cost in euros excluding VAT/source word to be translated.
  • Our tools: we use the very latest management tools so as to optimise the quality of our services, thanks notably to effective computer assisted translation software (SDL Trados Studio – 2017). Notably, by developing Translation Memories and Term Bases (or glossaries) specific to you. Consequently, all texts and technical terms concerning your business are used identically from one translation to the next. This guarantees you a high level of terminological homogeneity.
  • Confidentiality: although we always ensure the most stringent confidentiality over your documents, we can also sign a non-disclosure agreement should you wish.
  • Document format: we are able to manage over 30 different digital file formats from the office suites (Word, Excel, Power Point) to files made using INDESIGN or HTML, XML or XLIFF documents for the translation of websites. For this reason, it is not necessary to convert your files to Word or Excel format for translation.


Lyon translation agency

At the meeting point of two major rivers, Lyon remains a sure value in terms of economic dynamism, and it has many assets. Strategic location, effective transportation system, recognised Universities, and innovative technologies make it one of Europe’s most appealing cities. Moreover, its art of living and natural environment place it to the top of the most popular cities to live.

Consequently, our translation agency in Lyon allows us to be a real partner for our clients ensuring that we meet their translation and interpreting needs in the most optimal manner. For over 9 years now, STiiL Traduction has intervened on a daily basis in the framework of your legal, technical, marketing, web or cultural and environmental projects.

In other words, do not hesitate to send us a request by email or contact us directly by phone: /


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