Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is more inclusive and informal.  It is ideal for smaller groups. It is, however, necessary to plan for the interpreter’s speaking time after that of the speaker, which largely increases the total duration of the event. A single interpreter will be sufficient for the assignment.

This type of interpretation is the most frequently used, notably for trade shows, company visits or commercial or technical meetings.

A consecutive interpreting assignment does not necessarily require audio equipment. In such instance, it is important to take into account the speaker’s time as well as that needed for interpreting. This can sometimes double the duration of the meeting!


How to prepare for your interpreting assignment?


To best advise you and respond to your request as quickly as possible, we need the following information:

  • language pair
  • dates
  • place
  • time
  • technical or commercial areas
  • nature of the event (meeting, visit, conference)
  • number of participants

To allow interpreters to best prepare their assignment under optimal conditions and to be as accurate as possible in the subjects, several days before the assignment, you can send us all documents or communication media concerning the event: agenda, technical notices, press articles, Power Point presentation.



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