Cultural translation agency (museum, scenography, art, etc.)

A cultural translation agency cannot pretend Whether concerning History, Civilisation, Religion or Literature, thorough knowledge of the domain is essential.

The literary skills of our translators are therefore just as important as knowledge of the context of your document. The finished translation should not read as a foreign text.




Agence de traduction culture

Cultural translation agency

We work with many public or private bodies working in the world of Art and Culture. Our experience for over a decade in these domains allows us to support you in highly specialist subjects.

The majority of documents translated in this domain will be read by the general public. Consequently, we focus special attention on the quality of writing as well as their inspection and proofing.


Document formats

There is no need to have to copy and paste text into Word or Excel format as we can deal with over 30 different formats, such as for instance files in HTML, XML or XLIFF format for the translation of websites or notices made using INDESIGN for information leaflets.


The guarantee of a high-quality translation

So as to guarantee an optimal level of quality, we combine several factors: choice of translator, working methodology and translation management tools (Translation Memory and Term Base)


Our most recent translations and interpreting assignments

  • Sainte foy TARANTAISE (FRA > DUTCH) : translation of the summer guide (Indesign)
  • Centre d’Art LE LAIT – Albi (simultaneous interpreting – 100 people): “What inspires artists?”
  • Les Turbulences – Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain Centre (Orléans) : video transcription (FRA > ENG) 1h45mins on the theme of architecture.




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