Technical translation agency

STiiL Traduction is also a technical translation agency

Hand over your professional technical translations to industry experts!

Last year, we notably translated over 600 projects in the technical domain and many industrial leaders confided in us.

Technical translations which we regularly perform.

  • Specifications and price offers
  • Notices and technical guides
  • User manuals
  • Quality Assurance manuals
  • Product descriptors
  • Technical characteristics
  • Security data files
  • Standards and patents
  • Catalogues and product nomenclatures




Agence de Traduction technique

Technical translation agency

Technical translation requires dual skills

You have technical documents (notices, technical files, nomenclature, leaflets, user guides, standards, patents) to be translated into a foreign language and you want the translation to faithfully respect the terminology of your domain as well as the context of the document? To do so you need to call upon a professional technical translator, who is an expert in the field.

A technical translation is not just limited to proper use of vocabulary in your company, it also needs to faithfully respect the written style of the author. In many cases, these two skills are inseparable: leaflets, catalogues, guides, websites.

It is for this reason that a technical translation can only be undertaken by a technical translation agency and its professional technical translators, who are specialists in the industrial world and in their area of expertise.

They may also have very different profiles depending on the type of technical translation to be performed: engineers or researchers who are perfectly bilingual or trilingual, holding a Master’s degree in technical or scientific translation or from a specialist translation institute.

Our technical translators have a database or lexicon of specific technical terms for each business sector. Moreover, if your document requires, we can implement glossaries of terms used throughout your company. They will become the terminological reference for your business and may be used and enriched with each new translation.

Confidentiality of your documents:

We respect the strictest level of confidentiality concerning the documents you send us. This commitment is not limited to our word, on your request we will sign a non-disclosure agreement for the most sensitive files.

Our latest technical translations

  • Tool machines: Gain cutting machine user notices – ITA > FRE – 4800 words in under 3 days
  • Building and construction: Specifications for building and construction – FRA > ENG – 6800 words in under 4 days
  • Energy: Smoke detector technical notice – ENG > FRE – 5300 words in 3 days
  • Environment: Water treatment notices – FRE > ITA – 2500 words in under 2 days



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