Are you looking to organise a trade show, conference, meeting, or site visit?
Request a professional interpreter.

We handle the linguistic part of your event, by providing you with qualified interpreters and the audio material necessary to perform the assignment.

We advise you as to the type of interpreting method to select, simultaneous or consecutive, which depends on the nature of the event organised and may involve the potential use of specific audio equipment, such as booths or kits.

Insofar as possible, we try to provide you with interpreters residing in the region or country where the event is organised, so as to reduce travel and accommodation costs as much as possible, as well as our environmental impact.

Who are our interpreters?

In the same way as our translators, our interpreters are all qualified professionals capable of translating and fluently expressing themselves in two or even three languages.

In addition to their specific interpreting training, they often have a solid knowledge of the country concerned (expression, culture, customs, consumption), either through extended stays or through a multilingual family.